ImagesCoffee on the front porch. Barbeques on the back deck. A sense of security from having your family and home safe off the ground. Living in a raised floor home no longer has to be just a dream.

Raised Floor Living would like to congratulate Sarah Morrison of Kannapolis, North Carolina as the winner of our “Design Your Dream Home” promotion. Sarah will work with award-winning designer, Heather Wojick of Creative Design Solutions in Charlotte, North Carolina to design the raised floor home she’s been dreaming about.

Extended living space and security from flooding and high winds are only a few of the added benefits a homeowner receives when living in a raised floor home:

  • Reduced Flood Risk – Having your home above the ground creates peace of mind when living in a coastal and hurricane-prone area like Charlotte. Discover the savings from lower flood insurance rates.

  • Costs Less To Build – Raising your home in Charlotte is not only the smart way to build, but the economical way to build as well. A raised floor foundation can be the initial low-cost solution in many locations, especially in areas prone to flooding. A raised floor home requires less site preparation. It works well in any type of soil condition, on any terrain.

  • Easy Maintenance and Repair – Remodeling your home, fixing a plumbing leak or rewiring your cable is easy and cost-efficient with a raised floor foundation.

  • Energy-Efficient and Environmentally Friendly – Wood is a natural insulator. Properly insulated, the wood raised floor system will provide comfortable, energy-efficient living.

  • Classic Style – Our forefathers understood the local topography and what is efficient and safe home design. The raised floor foundation is not only the smart choice when building a home, but it is the traditional way to build.

Raised Floor Living is an educational campaign to inform homeowners and builders about the benefits of building with a traditional raised wood foundation system.

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