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Pumpkin slinging predicts political races?

Written by Kristen Hampton

STATESVILLE, NC (WBTV) - Can a catapult slinging pumpkins accurately predict the outcome of several local and presidential races?

A group of folks in Statesville say their Pumpkin Chunkin' event is right 80 percent of the time.

Students from Mitchell Community College and Iredell High School constructed a 10-foot contraption called a trebuchet which looks like a catapult.

Students from the Renaissance School painted the likenesses of national, regional and local candidates on 3-pound pumpkins.

The group flung the pumpkins and measured the distance each flew. 

The longest launch supposedly takes home the gold in November.

The presidential tickets were paired up together and the McCain/Palin pair won the first race.

Organizers tell us Kay Hagan's pumpkin won with a distance of 85 yards over Elizabeth Dole's pumpkin which traveled 79 yards.

Pat McCrory and Bev Perdue tied the distance race.  A runoff will be slung on November 1st at Statesville's Pumpkin Fest.

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