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White House Christmas Tree selected from North Carolina

ASHE CO., NC (WBTV) - For the second year in a row, the result of years of hard work in North Carolina will take it's place in a famous spot in the White House. The Blue Room Christmas tree was selected today from a hilltop in Ashe County.

It wasn't about politics, just getting the best tree possible to be the centerpiece at the White House this holiday season.

A North Carolina tree has been selected 11 times in the past 42 years. Jesse Davis and Russell Estes and the team at River Ridge Tree Farm did it this year.

There were plenty of tall Frasier Firs to choose from, but the team of four from the White House picked a 21-footer this time.

The people who grew it think it's as close to perfect as a tree can get.

And it's not just the blue room that's getting a bit of North Carolina. The White House crew also selected about 30 other trees for other parts of the White House, including the president's private quarters.

The big tree will be cut down the day after Thanksgiving and hauled off to Washington where they hope it will be in place in the Blue Room within a few days.

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