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Gun Sales and the Election

Charlotte, NC (WBTV)- "They're worried about it...worried about their second amendment rights." Larry Hyatt of Hyatts Gun Shop told WBTV's Rob Tufano

Usually this time of the year Larry Hyatt's gun sales pretty much consist of hunting weapons but the last few months most of his customers have been grabbing up pistols and military type weapons.

"They're buying self defense guns and military type guns because they feel like they'll be the first one's to have anti gun legislation passed on them."

He wouldn't call his customers panicked just concerned that if Senator Obama wins the White House and Democrats continue to control the House and Senate they're second amendment rights may be scaled back why this cause for concern?

"They NRA has put out a lot of info"

They have also hit the air with these blistering commercials that claim Obama supports banning shotguns and rifles used by hunters.

Nonsense according to the Seanators website which says the Obama respects the second amendment will protect the rights of hunters and other law abiding Americans to purchase own and use guns.

The Senator does support reinstating the ban on assault weapons and closing what he calls a loophole that lets people buy pistols at gunshows without thorough background checks but most a lot of Hyatt's customers don't buy what they call the rhetoric a lot of them convinced an Obama Presidency just may be the start of that slippery slope to abolishing the second amendment.

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