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Cops Lose Faith in Courts

By: Melissa Hankins

It's no secret that police are frustrated with Charlotte Mecklenburg's criminal justice system, and it's no wonder why. The DA can only prosecute a small percent of the cases CMPD brings him.

In fact, things are so bad, Charlotte police are turning to other counties to punish criminals, when they've committed crime right here.

Have cops given up on our courts?

These six suspects are accused of stealing car after car around the Queen City, and allegedly, they committed crimes in other counties too.

But police caught them red-handed yesterday right here in Mecklenburg...they carted them off to our jail.

Auto theft detective Ted Barber has little hope, however, the crew will do time he's sending them somewhere they will.

"We'll transfer our cases and confessions to Gaston County and Cabarrus County," Barber says, "which is where they really need to worry they'll get some serious time, those two counties, because its not exactly like Mecklenburg County where there's...a revolving door."

Ask just about anyone around, and they'll tell you. Mecklenburg courts don't crack down. Civilians seem disgusted...

"And that's because no matter what the police do to arrest them or identify them the courts always let the kids go," says resident Tom Crosby.

And our neighbors do too. A York County Solicitor recently mentioned Mecklenburg in a speech: "This isn't Mecklenburg County. This is a whole different ball game down here. We have the rescources, the funding, and the will to punish violent criminals severely."

In fact, York County officials are so disgusted with Charlotte's under-funded criminal justice system...the sheriff publicly chided our politicians.

"They can spend four million on Johnson and Whales," Bruce Bryant said. "They can spend millions on parks, lightrail...My god, people that's spending this money, priorities. You know we've got to protect our people. That's foremost."

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