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Gator Sighting in Lake Hickory

By Mark Ackerman

A gator sighting in the foothills. That's right. This alligator was spotted roaming around in Lake Hickory.

Despite the best efforts of animal control officers, the gator got away.

The big question tonight, how did it get there? 

The water can get pretty cold. More than likely somebody let it loose. It s been roaming around at least a week.

It was spotted last weekend. They took some pictures of it. A lot of people didn't quite believe it. They were skeptics. They were doubters, but the gator is here and could be for a while.

Yes, that is an alligator, and no, this is not gatorland at myrtle beach. 

Kathy was out walking little her dog Mia and saw something slithner in the grass.
"I thought it was a big black snake"

She took a closer look and she was bothered.

"I picked the dog up immediately."

The little gator, two to three feet long, kept going for swims then climbing on the bank. Wildlife officers came to catch it, but the gator was too smart, headed for deep water. 

"I didn t expect to have to fight"

But this little gator is no real threat to anyone, say the guys. It was probably just a pet until recently. 

Lake hickory is his new home for now. 

The people who saw it are going to keep a watch in their backyard just in case. Officials are urging other people to keep a watch, too.

Keep your distance, but keep your eyes open. They're not going to go out and grab it until it does become a problem.

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