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Government shutdown looming - deadline midnight tonight

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - The clock is ticking.

If lawmakers let the federal government shut down at midnight, a lot of people won't know where to go for the things they depend on.

"They need to snap it up," says social security recipient Deborah Pridgen, "because the social security office is really needed."

Our cameras weren't allowed inside the Social Security office in East Charlotte today, but we were told if a shutdown happens, scheduled payments should continue to be processed.The office, however, will be closed. People won't be able to get help, workers will lose hours.

"It's going to be hard for them over the next couple of weeks, or however long the government could be down," says Charlotte resident Latonia Watkins, who also collects social security. "It's going to be real tough on them."

The federal government employs almost 7,000 people in the Charlotte metro area. We don't know yet how many could be furloughed here, but nationwide, an estimated 800,000 workers could be dismissed for an undisclosed amount of time.

Considering lawmakers will continue to get paid...there's a growing sense of hypocrisy surrounding the shutdown.

Dee Dee Fox says if there was a problem in her office, she couldn't consider what lawmakers are.

"You couldn't just shut down the office and walk away," Fox says. "I am hoping that it will all work out and they'll do the right thing."

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