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Fake pot still available in Charlotte despite federal ban

By Kay Johnson - bio l email

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - The bill to ban synthetic marijuana is currently sitting on Governor Bev Perdue's desk. If signed it would become illegal to possess or sell fake pot come April 1.

Right now several stores in the Charlotte area still sell the products known as K2 or Spice.

It's marketed as incense but packages we purchased did not say that, list ingredients or a warning label.

Two stores told WBTV the products they sell are not part of the ban.

There are numerous compounds that have the same effects as THC, the same drug found in marijuana.

"I didn't have a great experience with it. It gives you a jittery feeling that I wasn't really feeling," Jabari Kelly said.

"It can cause paranoia, delusions, rapid heart beat, nausea, headaches," Medical Director of Urgent Care Dr. Charles Bregier said.

Those serious side effects became the reason for a federal ban.

"A lot of creative exporters, importers find ways to get around the system....even if it doesn't have the five specific chemicals that have been banned, you have other ones in it that have some of the same tendencies or side effects," Dr. Bregier said.

Local law enforcement can't crack down on stores selling this stuff.

They say they need a state ban, like the one on Perdue's desk, in order to act. Right now they can only warn sellers or educate them on the impending law.

"I think what an individual should do with their body is totally up to them," Resident Redvers Davis said.

"It serves no purpose if it's illegal just like the substance its cloning," Kelly said.

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