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Thieves target restaurant credit card system

By Sarah Batista - bio l email

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - A Charlotte restaurant has increased its security measures after thieves gained access to its credit card system.

Customers recently started noticing cash disappearing from their credit card accounts after eating at Cabo Fish Taco.

Jeff Hahne says he and his fiance were surprised to get a phone call from their banks asking about suspicious activity on their accounts.

"[They asked] where we were, what our charges were and if we tried to make a charge of $300 at a WalMart in South Carolina," said Hahne.

Since both Hahne and his fiance were in Charlotte, they knew their credit card numbers had been stolen.

The couple later realized they'd both used the cards at Cabo Fish Taco in NoDa earlier that week.

It turns out they weren't the only ones scammed.

"She posted a message on Facebook asking friends has anyone been to Cabo recently and had odd charges on their credit card and she got emails from about four friends," said Hahne

WBTV visited the restaurant Friday. The owner wasn't there, but did talk to us by phone.

She says the Secret Service investigated and learned the restaurant's credit card system had been hacked into. Since then, she's revamped the entire system.

"We took it so seriously and we're so concerned about it, we've spent thousands of dollars fixing and trying to take a more proactive role instead of sitting back and hoping it doesn't happen again," said Maeghan Crenshaw, Owner of Cabo Fish Taco.

She says now all credit cards used at the restaurant are encrypted. The whole ordeal has been an eye-opener for everyone involved.

"We've both now started going, if not daily, everyday, just to check statements and a lot of credit goes out to the bank too," said Hahne.

Investigators say it's important for customer to check their bank statements regularly.

Crenshaw suggests other restaurant owners not rely on basic security measures to keep credit card numbers safe.

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