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Father of pit bull attack survivor speaks about tougher dog laws, education

By Kay Johnson - bio l email

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - Thomas Clark says he's stayed at his son's hospital bedside every night since a pit bull attacked the child a month ago.

Jakob Clark, 6, was walking a hundred yards from his grandmother's house to his aunt and uncles home on Matthews-Mint Hill Road when the dog attacked.

Jakob suffered serious injuries to his arms, legs and face. He's undergone numerous surgeries but Clark says the boy is resilient.

"The heartache I've had I can't explain," Clark told WBTV.

Clark blames himself for the attack, mainly because he says he wasn't educated enough about the pit bull breed.

"I feel it is our duty to take care of our children because they can't take care of themselves," Clark said.

Clark says his mission now is to educate others and lobby for stiffer dangerous dog laws.

"There are many ways to go about it. My preference is to treat it like a lion, tiger or bear. If you want a lion, tiger or bear bad enough you can get one but there are sorts of restrictions, special permits and insurance to get one," Clark said.

Clark says he's seen an outpouring of support from the community and plans to write legislators to see what stance they'll take on the issue.

Clark disputes claims by pit bull advocates that just like any dog, pit bulls need the proper training and socialization. Click here to hear what one advocate told WBTV.

Clark says the dog that attacked Jakob, belonged to a family member, and was well cared for and had played with the child many times.

"All we have to do is save one child and it will be worth it - people love their animals but you can't love them like a child," Clark said.

To read about Jakob's progress, click here.

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