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Detectives investigating molestation of young girls at Christian School

By Molly Grantham - bio l email

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - A mother came forward Monday in Matthews saying her little girl had been molested by a boy twice her age at her private Christian school.

The girl was 6 years old.  The boy, 13.

Arborbrook Christian Academy held a meeting Monday night with parents about they call "inappropriate sexual contact."  School officials wouldn't let our cameras inside, nor would they answer any questions.  They did release a prepared written statement. 

In the statement officials say, "The offending student was removed from the school and will not be returning."

On Wednesday, a detective from the Union County Sheriff's Office told WBTV that she was investigating an assault at the school.

One mother, who wishes to remain unidentified for privacy purposes for her child, says her 6-year old daughter was inappropriately touched on more than one occasion by a 13-year old male student.

"We're just hoping for the truth to be known," she said.  "That's why we're here tonight to get other parents to know it can happen anywhere.  We're all intimidated to talk with anyone about it because we do love our school."

As much as this mother says she really loves the school, she doesn't think keeping an incident such as this under wraps is the best way to handle it. 

"I do believe they should've told parents right away," she said.  "Once we knew we were able to deal with it and help our daughter.  Other parents needed to know too."

Once her daughter reported the teenager's touching, she says, other kids started saying it had also happened to them.  With the same 13-year old boy.

"It opened the door for other little girls to come forward, so that was another blessing, for other little children to come forward because of her being brave enough to say this."

In its statement, the school said authorities had been notified.  Parents at the meeting say the Union County Sheriff's Office wasn't notified in a timely manner.

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