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Enigmatic to the end, Alvin Greene confounds media on election night

Greene shows off his action figure persona Tuesday night. Greene shows off his action figure persona Tuesday night.

MANNING, SC (WBTV) - US Senate candidate Alvin Greene ended his candidacy Tuesday night in a nearly empty banquet room where there were more reporters and photographers than supporters.

The Democratic nominee also seemed to entertain and confound the media with various statements and rehashed his plan to launch an action figure of himself --this time in a comic book -- to spur the economy.

He showed the cameras a slick, color printout with the action figure's face and highlighted the capabilities of the character he calls "The Ultimate Warrior."

"This superhero is greater than… um Batman, Superman, Spiderman, the Incredible Hulk.. and all those other characters," Greene says stopping from running around the large room to briefly talk.

He is then asked by a reporter if he really thinks he could "take the Hulk."

Greene responds: "Nothing stops the ultimate warrior…" before mumbling off and then saying "It makes all the sense in the world."

The reporters there also asked Greene if his candidacy – which could not escape charges of showing pornography to a college student – was for real or just a joke. He finished far behind Republican Jim DeMint Tuesday night.

On video, Greene -- who received 274,893 votes and won 10 counties -- is heard mumbling "No joke."

Reporters also pointed out that only 10 supporters were in the large banquet room and they asked Greene if more will come.

But, Greene just walked away from reporters toward a table of food.

Then, he is asked if he will give a speech.

"There is no need to give a formal… " before trailing off. "There is no need to give a formal talk."

Finally, Greene found some food and shoved some in his mouth. While chewing and walking away from cameras he answers a question: "I showed up because... this is my reception."

He then walked around dodging reporters and cameras mumbling and chewing. He later points out that some of his family is there and points to his brother.

At one point Greene goes on about his action figure and his super abilities.

"He can see into the future. He is faster than (4 time Olympic medalist) Maurice Green and he can outleap (Michael) Jordan," Greene said. "See I have projects like this.. what is DeMint offering y'all -- just more gridlock. Politics."

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