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Wingate University doctorate student overcomes breast cancer

By Molly Grantham - bio l email

MONROE, NC (WBTV) - One week from entering pharmacy school, Sally Collins was diagnosed with breast cancer.  As any cancer patient will tell you, the Wingate University doctorate student says the days weren't always good.

"My cancer was caught in Stage I, too small to feel," she said.  "So a self-breast exam would not have caught it and did not catch mine.  But because I was getting my annual mammogram, it caught it.  Early screening saves lives.  It saved mine.  It can save yours."

Sally was diagnosed four days before she was slated to start her doctorate pharmacy program at Wingate.  She was more scared of messing up her schooling than she was of her cancer.

"My biggest concern was screwing up pharmacy school," she said.  "It's a four year program and has always been my dream.  If I come in and screwed up the first year, I knew I was done."

Wingate was understanding.  Told her to tackle her cancer first.  They'd hold her spot for her.

"Without having the goal and a dream in front of me -- something to work towards -- I wouldn't have fought nearly as hard and I wouldn't have won."

During some of her low moments, Sally took photos of herself to give her a point of reference of what a bad day really does look like.

Those memories help her stay dedicated now.  She has two years left in her schooling.  Most importantly, she says, her prognosis health-wise is good.

Click the attached video to see the full story which ran on WBTV News at 10:00 on WJZY.

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