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CMS to check daily on charges after football player rape case

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CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - One of the football players at Butler High School has been charged with two counts of rape and sexual battery.

Police say Osvaldo Sombo, 17, allegedly raped 17-year-old girl on July 29.

The incident has caused school officials -- who allowed Sombo to play in a football game after he was charged -- to change procedures for checking on students with police charges.

Sombo transferred to Butler High School for his senior year.  Butler, who were state champs last year,  is a flagship school when it comes to football. 

Sombo is presumed innocent, but besides the serious criminal charges, there is a lot of talk about a communications breakdown.

Sombo was charged Aug 11.  He played in the first game of the Butler football season, not even ten days later, on August 20.

The school did not find out about the charges until August 24.

"I would hope that when a situation involving one of our students occurs like this," said CMS School Board Chairman Eric Davis, "That we are notified in a timely way."

CMS was notified about the crime through the mail.  That process made weeks pass before school officials could locate the football player.  Now school officials want court papers faxed so they can know immediately about a student's trouble with the law.

"We didn't handle it well we didn't put the urgency in," admits CMS Superintendent Peter Gorman.  "We put a new procedure in place. We now pick up all of those records on a daily basis."

From now on CMS will send someone to check on student arrests every day.

Sombo is now suspended from Butler and off the football team.

"I've known him for a few years," Somba's friend Zay Robinson said.  "He wouldn't do nothing like this."

"He's just a cool person with a big heart," Somba's friend Shyan said.

As one person connected to the school told WBTV, Butler is starting the school year off crowded with controversy.

Not only was the principal suspended with pay a few weeks before school started, but another football player was also suspended over a sexual encounter at school.

Somba is scheduled to appear in court on September 1. 

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