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Emergency responders on Sasquatch sighting, 911 calls released

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CASAR, NC (WBTV) - Officials with the Cleveland County Communications Center have released a recording of a man describing a close encounter with Bigfoot.

Tim Peeler called the 911 emergency line around 3 a.m. and reported a large beast-like creature "messin' with my dogs."

If you've ever lived near or even visited the Northern part of Cleveland County, you've probably heard of Knobby. Back in the 70's, Knobby was the legendary Sasquatch that inhabited certain parts of the county.

The Knobby hysteria died down after a few months, until Peeler reported seeing the Bigfoot beast in his own yard.

"He come right by me and walked right back out that path," Peeler said, pointing to a small path leading into a densely-wooded area surrounding his house.

In the 911 call, Peeler calmly describes the Sasquatch as looking like a giant ape with a man's face.

The dispatcher sent a Cleveland County deputy to investigate the sighting but the deputy didn't find the Sasquatch.

Cleveland County 911 Director Mike Branch says dispatchers take every call that comes into the 911 center seriously, even Sasquatch sightings.

But when it comes to rules about dealing with Sasquatch sightings, there aren't any set guidelines

"We do not have a specific policy in regards to sasquatches," says Branch.  So the dispatcher just had to wing the call.

Dispatchers say they haven't gotten any more calls about a suspicious Sasquatch.

Peeler says he didn't have time to grab his camera and snap a picture. He says next time he'll be ready. And he says there will be a next time.

The legend of Knobby has sparked a Facebook page, click here to view it.

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