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Couple says their calls to 911 unanswered for 30 minutes, baby girl dies

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CLEVELAND COUNTY, NC (WBTV) - It's a parent's worst nightmare. You frantically dial 9-1-1 after realizing your infant is unresponsive--only to get no answer.

That's what Randy Smith and Whitney Moses of Casar, N.C. say happened to them Friday morning when they woke up to find their five month old baby girl, Allyson, wasn't breathing.

"I grabbed the phone as soon as I woke up and started calling them," recalled Moses. "By the time I got from my bedroom to my front door they still hadn't answered."

Moses says she called 9-1-1 over and over again for the next 30 minutes while Smith did CPR on their baby girl.

"She just looked like she was sleeping," Smith remembered. "Lips wasn't blue."

The couple say their calls went unanswered--all they heard was constant ringing.  When an ambulance finally arrived 30 minutes later, it was too late for baby Allyson.

"I was holding her," said Moses. "[The EMT] just took her, laid her down and said I'm sorry. [The EMT] didn't do nothing for her."

WBTV spoke to Cleveland County's communications director who says they have a record of at least six calls being made from the couple's cell phone. But they tell us their system malfunctioned and while Smith and Moses heard the phone ringing, their dispatchers did not.

That's little comfort to Allyson's parents.

"Honestly I know nothing can bring my daughter back, God knows that I want her so bad," Moses said. "But if 911 is going to be there--if they're gonna teach these kids that's something going on, call 911--they need to answer."

Cleveland County says they're working with AT&T and the company that created their system to find out why no one ever heard an audible ring.

But the couple says all they can do now is cherish the short time they had with their baby all the while wondering what if. "10 minutes earlier could have made a difference and it could have not but...don't know," Smith said.

The couple also says they've contacted an attorney but are waiting on the results from their daughter's autopsy before deciding if they will take legal action.

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