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Southend business revival spurred by light rail

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - The LYNX train may be the light at the end of the tunnel.

New businesses are springing up in South Charlotte. They are drawn there by apartments and condos - built near the light rail.

Newcomers like Dianna Ward who has gone from banker to neighborhood business ambassador.

She said, "what we're going to end up with here are recession proof kinds of businesses."

 Her Park Avenue tour enterprise opened this past summer.

Since July of this year Center City Partners says 17 new businesses are now calling South End home, with more on the way.

Steve Price has seen both sides of it.

The family business Price's chicken coop is old school Charlotte, and he calls the new found growth a throwback to a different time.

 "Back in the 40's and 50's this was the shopping district for Dilworth and Wilmore. This was a vibrant retail area," according to Price.

The coop has been a fixture on Camden Road for more than 50 years, but two months ago Frederick Laderer took a chance by opening a new home furnishing business.

"It's making a comeback. ”Laderer said, “We've got young and old alike coming in. We've got bungalows. We've got large places high rises."

 And enough buzz for Dianna Ward to offer this bit of perspective.

"Gallery crawl night people come out. They see people out. They see the are alive, and they say you know I've been thinking about opening a business. This may be a good location for me."

 You may be wondering how this translates into jobs.

The word from Center City partners 50 to 60 part time and full time positions here in Southend.

And they've also gotten and inquiry from a local capital company that may hope to fill 20 to 30 slots.

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