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Automated Closings System & Review of Closings Information System

Click here to get mobile text alerts for closings of a SPECIFIC school system or organization

 Weather Code requests are handled on a first-come, first-serve basis.  Thank you for your patience during busy times. 

Click here to access WBTV's automated closing system, where you may log in to to post closings, call 704.374.3553.  These automated methods allow you quicker reporting of your closings or delays.  

To speak with someone on our staff about closings, please call 704.374.3691.  When you call, please have your codes ready.

If you need a WBTV Weather Code, please email closings@wbtv.com.  

Please note, weather codes are assigned to organizations with a minimum of 50 employees, clients, students, etc.  Please submit your organization name (limit of 24 characters and spaces), county, full mailing address (including zip code), contact (one name), contact phone (one phone number), email address and website (if you have one).  No calls please, we are not able to assign a weather code by phone!

Everyone MUST have a WBTV Weather Code for posting closings and/or delays due to inclement weather.  These codes should be set up in advance, so you have the code ready to use when you need it.  We do not accept weather closings or delays via email, fax or web comment. 

Please be patient during busy times.  Your code will be assigned on a first-come, first-serve basis, once we receive all the necessary information.

All organizations with existing codes should continue to use them.  Your code number remains the same from year to year.

If a code has been lost for whatever reason, please email closings@wbtv.com.  To help identify you, please include all the information requested above, as if you were applying for a new code.

To hear a recorded message regarding WBTV Weather Codes, please call 704-374-3806.

You may view our current closings on this page.

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