Charlotte neighborhood has gone since before Christmas without trash pickup

Trash not being picked up in neighborhoods

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - Sharon Smith is not doing much recycling.

“There’s no place to put it,” she says.

Her trash, like many of her North Charlotte neighbors, is overflowing.

“You’ve had all your stuff from Christmas, piling up on the sidewalk,” she says.

Smith pays quarterly for pick-up in the Hunt’s Landing neighborhood, but it has been more than three weeks since Carolina Disposal came to her area. The company told her several times they were coming, including in an email, saying crews would come by Wednesday, Jan. 9.

“Yesterday came and went,” Smith says. “And still no trash pickup.”

This has been the story for several other neighborhoods the company serves in North and South Carolina. The company posted to Facebook, citing a fire and truck issues, but there has not been any further explanation.

“Where do you go to have that company dealt with for that,” Smith asks.

You could go to the Better Business Bureau, which says it has also had a hard time communicating with the company.

“We were beginning to wonder if they had gone out of business,” President and CEO Tom Bartholomy says.

Before the holidays, Carolina Disposal had a “B” rating with the BBB. Now, it has an “F,” with 66 total complaints, 44 pending. Bartholomy says the bureau finally heard back from the company this week, and asked them about the countless customers who have now canceled their service.

“’No, we’re still here,’” Bartholomy recalls them saying. “’We’re ramping back up, but we’re not going to get any refunds.’ So we’re working through that at this point.”

The bureau says if you experience something like this in South Carolina, you should contact consumer affairs, and in North Carolina, the Attorney General’s office. It can take time, but he says high-volume complaints can get priority.

“It definitely gets the regulatory agency’s attention, when there’s 45 [complaints],” he says.

But there is no real promise there, and customers like Smith know that.

“There’s no recourse,” she says. “They get away with it.”

When you try to call Carolina Disposal, you get a message that their mailbox is full.

Smith says at this point, she is concerned with health hazards and rodents. She says she’s finally going to pay the $80 it’ll cost to start over, with someone else.


Rep. Chaz Beasley announced on Tuesday that Mecklenburg County would provide emergency trash collection for county residents who are customers of Carolina Disposal over the next several days. Current and former customers who did not have their trash collected are asked to contact Rep. Beasley’s office by e-mail at or on his Facebook page.

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