Weather preparations underway in Iredell County

DOT treating 1600 miles of roads

Iredell County preparing for winter storm

STATESVILLE, NC (WBTV) - In Iredell County, Department of Transportation crews are already treating more than 1600 miles of roads ahead of the approaching storm.

At Fort Dobbs Hardware, people were buying the fun stuff, like sleds, and but also the serious stuff like winter clothes, boots, and…

“I bought ice melt," said Gary Lytton. "They’re calling for a wintry mix up in Iredell County and the I-40 corridor.”

It wasn’t just busy at the store on Thursday, it’s been that way all week.

“As soon as people start hearing about the weather, it’s gonna get crazy," said Abby Patterson of Fort Dobbs Hardware. "Sleds started early, ice melt. The more people hear about ice they’ll start worrying about heating solutions, sources, it’s been crazy today.”

Matthew Evans and his crews with DOT have also been busy today…you can tell by those gray pinstripes already covering the roads.

“We started our brining operation, we start those about 48 hours before the event, so we started today focusing on our primary, secondary, tomorrow our interstates of I-40 and I-77 in Iredell County," Evans said.

The brine which is a 23% salt water solution, keeps the snow and ice from bonding to the road. That makes it easier for plows to move the slush off the road.

Roads and supplies seem like the obvious things to think about ahead of the storm, but Abby Patterson thought of a few things that are also important to keep in mind.

“Make sure you’ve got adequate heat, back-up power if possible, check on your dogs, make sure they have their food source, your cows, whatever, check on your pets, and make sure you check on your neighbors, make sure they’ve got their heat," Patterson added.

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