Charlotte looking to lower speed limit in residential neighborhoods, improve traffic calming process

Neighborhood speed limit changes

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - Some residential neighborhoods in Charlotte have been dealing with a common problem: speedy drivers.

All across Charlotte, people have been frustrated with how difficult they say it is to get the city to deal with neighborhood speeding. In Wesley Heights residents resorted to making their own warning signs. Neighbors in Plaza Midwood painted a rainbow of people on the road to remind drivers to stop at stop signs. “We get a lot of requests from neighborhoods and citizens on doing those kinds of things like speed humps,” said City Council member Greg Phipps. “They want – too much speed in the neighborhoods, people running lights." Now, Charlotte Department of Transportation is recommending changes.

Transportation officials say one idea is to reduce the speed limit to 25mph on all 6,000 neighborhood streets within the city limit.

“I think the most expeditious one because C-DOT has to the power to do it is to reduce the speed limits in neighborhoods,” said Council member Phipps. “Put up signs 25 miles an hour. Boom. That can be done with just a stroke of a pen.”

What about stop signs?

Neighbors, like Gary Marion on Craighead Road, have to get a certain number of homeowners to sign a petition before they can get stop signs.

Marion says it's been absolutely aggravating. "I mailed petitions to 40 homeowners and I'm getting some back return to sender. Not counting the ones I went to on foot that don't even live there or exist,” said Marion. “So the information needs to be updated." The city is now thinking about making changes to that process also.

Getting a speed hump could see changes too.

Right now a minimum number of vehicles have to drive on a street before neighbors can get speed humps.

The city is considering reducing that required number.

The City Council Transportation Committee voted Monday to take those recommendations to the full city council for a vote next month.

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