Crime Stoppers: Unusual promise

Crime Stoppers: Mother makes promise for answers in murder

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - A mother promises to do something unheard of in exchange for information leading to her son’s killer.

20-year old Juordan Malik Hill, was a handsome young man who had just taken a new job with Novant according to his family.

They recently gathered in an apartment parking lot, where Hill was shot while visiting with friends after 8:00 pm on Labor Day.

Police say the shots came from a white Chevy Caprice they captured on surveillance video as it sped away down Pruitt street in west Charlotte. "The shots came from Pruitt and Blessing," said CMPD Detective Luke Peden.

That distance is estimated at more than 30 yards-- truly, a difficult shot for accuracy by someone using a handgun.

"He was standing in between the two cars," said the detective, "and they shot from the intersection at an angle."

Detective Peden says five shots in all were fired-- two hit Juordan Hill-- the other bullets were buried in the wall. Remarkably, none of Hill's friends he stood with were hit. I asked Hill's parents, Timothy and Lajuana Hill if they thought it was an accidentally shooting?

"I do not," said Lajuana Hill.

And why not?

“Because he was shot twice.” Hill’s parents say they believe their son was targeted-- they just don’t know why. “The person who took these shots at my son, had skills. He aimed and he got a target. My son was hit twice. A high caliber handgun. 45.”

The Hill’s are begging for answers. And Juordan’s mother hopes this unusual offer might help.

“If anyone was willing to give us any leads or tips, we will be willing to relocate you. Will pay for you to relocate, your first month’s rent, whatever you need, we are willing to get you out of that environment.”

Along with the Hill’s offer, the reward money is now $6,500.

Call Crime Stoppers at (704) 334-1600. You won’t be interviewed or called to court and all you have to do is leave the information anonymously by phone and the cash is yours.

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