UNCC students’ apartment move-in delayed two months, concerned over more potential delays

Haven49 Apartments

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - Monday marks two months since an apartment building near UNCC was supposed to move in hundreds of students. The apartment admitted in an email to students the project is “simply taking too long.”

Sophomore Jordan Gorsky, his girlfriend, and his dogs, are living within a few hotel walls. Gorsky is one of hundreds of students who received one of the most recent emails from apartment Haven 49, stating his home should be ready by October 20, but could slip to the following week.

“I got that as, ‘we really don’t know,’” he says

It’s been emails like this, pushbacks, and delays, since what was supposed to be their move-in date – August 15. Gorsky says they never know if a set move-in date will actually happen.

“[It’s] Impeding us not only financially, but also in terms of time management,” he says.

The students get a stipend – $250 per week. But they say between added campus parking, storage units, and meals out, it’s not enough.

“All those things have just added up and it’s becoming astronomical,” Gorksy says.

Miranda Haltom is staying with family friends nearly an hour from campus. She says the commute’s caused her to lose one of her part time jobs.

“That was some of my income to pay for this when I eventually have it,” she says.

Right now, Code Enforcement online records show many holds still on the site. The students say they’ve been told it was “almost complete” since September.

“If it was almost complete then, it should be almost complete now, I would think,” Haltom says.

For now, they say, it’s a guessing game, for when they’ll be out of their temporary housing, and into their homes.

“I hope by November,” Gorsky says.

“By Thanksgiving. Hopefully I can move in by Thanksgiving,” Haltom says.

Students received a very short email Monday, saying they could expect an update on that October 20 move-in, tomorrow. Many hope it’s a go – but they say they expect another delay.

WBTV reached out to a Haven 49 spokesperson again Monday, but haven’t heard back.

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