“We are in a good spot”; RNC Host Committee ahead of fundraising schedule

RNC Host Committee on their way to raising $70M

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - Monday morning, the CEO of the RNC Host Committee says his team is ahead of schedule when it comes to raising the goal of $70 million.

“We are on track financially. We have good cash flow,” said John Lassiter, the CEO of the Host Committee.

The estimated cost of the convention is roughly $64 million but the committee wants wiggle room in case miscellaneous costs arise.

The goal of the committee it to have the majority of the funds raised by the end of 2019 so that they can focus on the convention during 2020.

“That way we can worry about running a good convention instead of chasing funds,” said Lassiter.

In 2012 the committee wasn't able to raise what it needed. The committee had restrictions – no personal pledges over $100,000, and no corporate donations.

That's not the case, this time.

“All those things that could potentially be sideways? We have plenty of time to put the pieces together,” said Lassiter. “Most of the money will be spent in the last quarter of this race.”

Raising money is priority number one right now, but the committee is also focused on finding vendors.

“We are currently building a data base. Communication is going to be a word you hear a lot from me because we want to know where people are,” said Towers Mingledorff, the COO of the Host Committee.

The City of Charlotte has made it clear they want minority and female-owned businesses to get a fair chance in the selection process.

“We want to buy local, we want to be diverse, but we need that comprehensive bid book,” said Mingledorff. “We need to know who you are, where you are, what you can possibly do.”

Mingledorff says about 7,000 volunteers will be needed to help with the convention and the process of recruiting those will be on a as needed basis.

“We are adding people as we need them instead of filling up a room with people with, ‘what can I do?,’ kind of questions staring at a wall,” said Lassiter.

The largest items in the RNC budget include the convention complex ($27,600,000) and production ($8,400,000)

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