Charlotte Lowe’s employees deploy to areas hit by Florence

Charlotte Lowe's employees deploy to areas hit by Florence

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - This morning more than 50 Lowe’s employees from nearly 40 stores deployed from Charlotte to go to areas hit hard by Florence. They will serve in relief teams to assist stores near the coast.

Twenty of those employees left the Pineville location of Lowe’s early this morning in two teams. One went to Fayettville and the other to Wilmington.

"Relief is going to be the key thing just knowing that someone is there to help," employee Collette Bouchard said.

Some of them volunteer every time a storm hits.

"I went to Matthew out in Lumberton and then Maria last year in Florida and now we're here with Florence again," employee Andy Nortz said.

They will be filling in in stores for those who can't make it to work, continuing their duties and supporting customers who've lost everything.

"They've lost houses, they've lost family members, pets and that's very, very emotional," Nortz said.

Seeing the devastation on the coast is pushing some to volunteer for the first time.

"We were the lucky ones on this side of it and it's more of just, if we need to hold somebody, just giving them the love they need," employee Elizabeth Capps said.

Even beyond the Carolinas, 400 associates from across the country are joining forces.

"Most companies don't go as far into the community as we do," Bouchard said.

They're also offering peace of mind.

"They know that the store standards are going to remain the same, that we're going to take care of their customers just like they're our customers and that when they come back they've got a place," Nortz said.

The teams plan to stay there for two weeks or as long as they are needed.

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